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Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Spanish Banks Sheets

The difference as an entity, between a bank and a savings is clear. Although its operations are virtually the same , there are some differences as entities. The benefits of a bank and a savings bank , are aimed at different areas . The boxes ( will become banks ) spend their profits to charity .

Banks in Spain

Currently operating in our country, more than 50 Spanish banks , most with a recognized international solvency . Boxes and Spanish banks generally enjoy good financial health.

Find banks and find banks Spain

There are different banks seekers , through filters that we emit the list of banks and even the list of banks in the world .

To find out which are the best Spanish banks , there is a global list ( ranking) where we can check where is our country banks . The higher up in the ranking , better global comparative financial position .

A short list in the grid

There is no doubt that our savings banks and banks are solvent . Its international expansion is more consolidated and continues to grow .

Santander Bank is the only bank in the EU that is among the 10 largest banks in the world, occupying the 7th position . And that is their principal amounts to just over $ 40 billion and employs more than 130 workers .
An extensive list of over 90 financial institutions

The directory of Spanish banks and savings banks shows an extensive list. As mentioned before the ranking of banks , places one of the Spanish banks in a privileged ( it should do just fine ) because the marketing of products ( interest level competition with other banks) bank (interest on loans competition bank interest rates on loans from another bank ) differs from the other bank offers in form and manner to reach the customer .

The list of Spanish banks

Atlantic Banks , Banco de Galicia and Madrid banks are of that long list , some of the banks more money " move " in the banking sector . Your target audience is one that resides in the coverage area and if this area is together enough features , make these banks , an emblem a form of confidence " money " that ultimately makes them great .

The best bank is the one that comes closest to their interests as a client performing their duties with a high level of quality and service.

Spanish Mortgage Market : Best mortgage market

Compare mortgage type ( fixed rate , floating rate , short- and long-term skilled ( VPO ) , mortgages, 80 % or 100 % , flexible , surrogate , multi-currency, deficient , second home or mortgage bridge and many others) is a more or less complex , but if done in many cases allows save money , fewer headaches and increased tranquility.

The Spanish mortgage market

The best banks offer mortgage products for all types of economies. From the young or mortgage credit jove ( La Caixa offer Young ) to lower mortgage where the interest of the mortgage may become Euribor plus 0.59%.

Which Mortgage choose and what are the best credit ?

The mortgage offers in Spain , as we have seen are varied. Keep in mind that to choose the mortgage that we need , we must choose the one that best suits our pocket. Mortgages are always lower for young or good customers .

They can choose mortgages to 35 years and even 40-year mortgages , with the best interest rates. The differential when comparing mortgages can be assumed in this period of years a very important level of fee payment amount . Choosing well is to analyze the mortgage and its terms , interest rate term , entity, insurance , origination fees and cancellation .
Mortgages most demanded and supplied

The mortgage market is large and offers alternatives for the customer can pick and choose the best mortgage and that is more in line with the economy.

The mortgage Ranking

It can be set for interest rate or banks. Mortgage Bank 0 Gallego offers floating rate (Euribor + 0 % with no origination fee and 1% depreciation rate to 1% cancellation fee ) . Bankinter fixed rate mortgage 15 years ( 4.91, no arrangement fee and 0.5 % depreciation rate and 0.5 % cancellation fee ) .

The Euribor (as of this article ) is at 2.159 % and the average Euribor at 2.150 %.

La Caixa and Banco Sabadell

The IRPH of La Caixa in this past April was 3,327 %. Keep in mind that the IRPH ( Benchmark mortgage loans ) is based on 3 types of financial corporations : banks, savings banks and institutions . La Caixa and Open Mortgage , offers to dispose of part of the capital reduction and choice of interest rates , fixed , combined , mixed or flexible.

Banco Sabadell offers custom conditions and designed for each customer , based on their needs ( Mortgage Discounted Young under 35 years ,

There are to choose from and once you have chosen using a mortgage simulator to find out how much will up your odds: principal and interest.

BBVA Net: features and product offerings

Bbva.net is a website belonging to the bank of the same name , which provides various information and details about enabling banking , and the benefits provided by this institution to its customers. Using this data , you can manage different types of procedures .

Features and Deals: Part 1

The first thing to do when entering this page, enter our user name and your key , allowing us to navigate our wide within the web . We not only consult local internet but also via mobile phones and television.

This site provides two special services for clients of the entity , consisting of internet access ( to enter data correctly and then be validated by the system) , as well as individual email accounts .

The most widely used general services offered to their customers online Bbva , are:

    Global Position : provides a summary of all positions of a client BBVA , grouped by product type ( personal accounts , mutual funds, securities, loans , etc). This service provides two options in detail or integrated . Thus, we can see the movements of

our personal accounts , as well as the details of credit cards, among other options.

    Manage: facilitates consultations and operations , providing the ability to recognize , choosing a name , everyone we've hired BBVA products , freeing us to memorize numbers and codes . In addition , groups our accounts and cards. * @ Sesor : we provide the necessary tools for making decisions about our investments in financial markets . Includes sections : information exchange, stock market analysis , analysis of funds, foreign exchange and investment solutions .

Feature and Deals: Part 2

    Personal accounts : presents the relationship thereof with the corresponding balance , allowing us to access the latest movements of each of them in detail. The sections included are: Check transactions , conveyances, transfers , periodic transfers , payer bills , checkbook request and payment of taxes .

    Cards: We present the relationship of our credit cards with the updated balance .

    In the Investment Funds section , we refer basket funds contracted by BBVA and its net asset value , as well as consulting a catalog of funds. We can also perform hiring new funds.

    Functioning of Markets: gives access to both the domestic market purchase as a selection of all international markets .

    Schemes: we can look at our operations for this sector as well as the movements were performed . You can also perform new operations.

    Loans : presents the ratio of loans that we have in BBVA , along with the outstanding balance thereof.

Banknote counting Recommendations

In this article you will learn about the characteristics of banknote counting machines and the functions they fulfill , I also recommend some proven quality in intensive ticket count . This type of equipment is essential in the treatment of large sums of money.


Banknote counting machines are very effective devices for counting and effective treatment , especially when it requires counting large sums of money.

This type of device is in a range from the simplest to the machines that have counterfeit detection systems , enhancing the standing counters etc .

Their use is becoming more prevalent due to the multiplicity of functions that these equipments , their wider use is in Banks and in places where cash handling is required .

Generally mixed as usually different functions .

    Counting the number of banknotes.

    Addition of counting results .

    Detection of forgeries.

    Count by value.

Banknote Counters recommendations .

For counting euro banknotes counting machines are equipped with different magnetic areas , infrared sensors that scan the surface of the banknote determining their quality and provenance and reading a magnetic code on the ticket.

These teams are necessary for effective treatment effectively and must meet a number of conditions that will become the best machine to count bills .

There are ticket machines have designed according to the specific needs of each user , however all must have requirements that ensure their jobs safely.

Recommendations Banknotes Counting Machine :

    Glory GFB 800 . This fast machine has 4-speed manual or automatic , has up to 1800 notes per minute . Maximum Capacity 300 power bills, power 110/220 - 50/60 Hz , a weight of 5.5 kg . It can connect to an external monitor with RS- 32C .

    Countermatic : Banknote counter dual selection , speed of 1,000 notes per minute , detection of size, capacity of 200 notes , infrared and ultraviolet sensors to detect counterfeits.

    SC 1510 Euro coin Scan : Mighty currency counter specially developed for the euro , can accurately , counterfeit detection , uses a breakthrough technology in detecting ticket . It integrates a computer via RS 232.

Top Five Consumer Credit

In the market you can get many consumer loans . However, the cost difference (in terms of interest rates and fees) between them is , in some cases enormous. Here we discuss what we consider most appropriate , because it is the cheapest.


Basically there are two categories of loans: mortgage , intended to buy a home is normal , which is given as security ( mortgage) , and personal , in which no collateral granted this ( although there may be a personal guarantee in the form of an endorsement ) .

Additionally , within the personal loans, find the so-called consumer loans , which are expressly regulated by LAW 7/1995 , OF 23 MARCH CONSUMER CREDIT .

To put it in simple language , and not repeat what the law says , these loans are essentially grant you to buy an item in installments, as an appliance, a computer , a set of living room furniture , etc. .

Processed through Eroski card network, is the best we've found , because you can finance purchases in these establishments , for an amount up to € 3,000 and a payment period of up to 18 months without interest or fees, by what the Annual Percentage Rate ( APR ) in this case is 0% .
Carrefour and El Corte Ingles

Carrefour . With your loyalty card you finances to 3 months no interest or fees , but for longer periods , ie up to 10 months and for amounts up to € 2,000 , does not charge interest , but a fee, which means an APR of between 1.10 % and 11.93% (the higher the loan amount lower Annual Percentage Rate ) .

El Corte Ingles. The English Court card is one that charges a lower interest rate : 12% per year , with an APR of 12.9 % , while the majority of this type of consumer credit is above 25 % APR.
Credits for specific purposes

The next two best consumer credit we have achieved , are for specific purposes : buying a computer or paperwork to obtain a driver's license , and are aimed at young people between 18 and 25 years. The grants both Ibercaja as Caja Laboral for amounts between 1,200 and 1,800 euros , 6 months and one year respectively, both without interest but with a commitment fee of 2.5 % , so the APR is higher than 9% .

(All these financial conditions are updated to May 23, 2011 ) .